Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What the heck does 1416 have to do with diabetes? has changed for the Lewis family and I decided instead of putting all of the posts about Elijah and diabetes, I would have a blog dedicated to diabetes and our family's struggles and triumphs with the disease. So there is an explaination for that.

Now you ask...What does 1416 have to do with diabetes? Well, now that Elijah has finally gotten to the point where most of the time the shots and blood sugar checks do not scare him to death (although I do still sometimes have to drag him out from under the table or hear him scream "no mommy it hoots, I dont want my inslulin" which breaks my heart) he is being encouraged to assist in caring for himself and his disease. He started with picking the finger he wants to get tested on and then started wiping his own finger with the alcohol wipe. Now he wants to suck up the blood onto the test strip and wait for the numbers to pop up and then take the test strip out. He is so cute and it helps take his mind off the pain of the task and focuses his attention on something else. He says he wants to "sluk it up".

Where 1416 comes in is that he like to read the numbers on the glucometer and when I ask him what his blood sugar is he says "1416" with a smile. Every time, the same..."mommy look 1416". That is now his number of choice, not sure why but he has always loved those numbers, so now they are our code words for his blood sugar and it brings such a smile to my heart every time I hear him say it with his little loose, jowly lips.

So the journey continues, one day at a time, one hour at a time, one blood sugar at a time, buy God's grace we go.


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