Wednesday, July 22, 2009 has been quite a while since i have updated...please forgive me. This will be brief since my mind is totally cloudy right now.

Elijah and his diabetes have been doing ok. We have our good days and our bad, fortunately more good than bad I think :) Biggest news recently is the arrival of Elijah's new blue Animas ping insulin pump!!! I am very excited and so is he. He is very proud and has shown everyone his pump. He thinks it is pretty cool. I hope that continues when he has to actually wear it :) We will hopefully get training on the pump next week and then after a week of me wearing it with saline in the pump instead of insulin (scary huh), we will be able to go live with insulin on him. It will be a big adjustment but will hopefully help us get better control of his roller coaster blood sugars. My biggest fears were almost realized when he passed out today and fell forward and hit his head on the table. Fortunately it was transient and I was able to catch him and get him checked and fed before he got any lower. His blood sugar was 30 at that point and i was very scared I would have to use his emergency glucagon. He was already starting to become unconcious and I knew the next step was a seizure. Praise God for honey and chocolate candy :)


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